About Matt Campbell

Matt Campbell has been regarded by his peers, students and associates as one of the very best coaches and (or) mentors that exist on and off the course.  His achievements, accomplishments and awards have been identified as such on his resume for all intents and purposes for anyone interested.

But if you were to ask Matt the question “What is it that defines a good coach or what makes you one of the very best there is?”  The answer is very simple to him “How many of those that I worked worth are still playing or still involved with whatever it is I coached them at?”  “How many of them found value in the time that we spent together and are now motivated to do it themselves?” Or better yet….”How many of those that I coached are now paying it forward and doing the same?”  (Please note that I have been a golf coach, baseball coach, basketball coach, tennis coach, soccer coach, a coach to the coaches that coach anything, mentorship coach, fundraising coach, ext…)  

Success as a coach as far as Matt is concerned does not have anything at all (unless identified by the student as a goal of accomplishment) with how good a player or student becomes.  Not by how many tournament victories are won or lost for that matter?  Nothing other than requiring the very best effort of intention by the individuals.  That is all that matters to Matt and all that ever will.