Schedule Appointment with Matt Campbell

Schedule Appointment with Matt Campbell

Schedule Appointment Online with Matt Campbell

Please follow the instructions requesting to schedule time with me – it’s fast and easy! Pick a time that works for you and submit the request.

If you would like to schedule multiple lesson times please do that as well.  Please note that lessons must be booked one at a time as seperate appoinment requests.

I will receive and email notification for the requested time. I will double check my schedule and confirm back with an email that the time has been scheduled in the timeliest manner possible.

Please note: The golf lesson is not considered “booked” until you receive a confirmation message confirming the request.

I am looking forward to spending time with you!

Thank you,
Matt Campbell


“Keeping it easy and convienant for everyone!”

Appointment times can also be made the following ways:

  • In person.  Most likely you will find me somewhere on the golf course or practice facility.  Please do not hesitate to approach me regardless as to what it is Im doing?  In the event I am with another appointment do not hesitate to get my attention and (or) adhere a post it note on my forehead and I will contact you either immediatlely after the appointment or in the timeliest manner possible.  Please understand that I most likely won’t have time to socialize or discuss the details with you with regards to your appointment on somebody elses time as this will be done later?
  • A phone call or text to Matt Campbell’s phone number (425) 241-6879
  • An email to
  • Filling out the online form “Contact Matt”

“Life Happens”

In the event you need to change or cancel an appointment please do so with at least four hours notice if possible.  That being said, Matt will not charge for a cancelled lesson regardless of the advanced notice given with the understanding that “Life Happens”.  The same courtesty will be extended to you in the event Matt needs to cancel an appointment.

"Cancelling" or "Changing" a Scheduled Appointment

“Life Happens?’

Appointments can be cancelled and rescheduled online or with any of the previously outlined methods used to schedule an appointment.  

Lessons can be cancelled or changed at anytime for any reason and you will not be charged for any cancelled appointment?  Why… happens and I have yet to find any logic in charging for a service that was not given to a person  that was not there?  I would ask that any changes to a scheduled apppointment be done in the timeliest manner possible…..regardless of what time frame or advanced notice that may be?  Simple….no questions asked and no need to explain your circumstance?  But please let me know one way or another?  A no call….no show is a different story and  wil be addressed on an individual basis.  The only concerns that exists is to get your rescheduled for another time in the timeliest manner possible.  It can also be assumed that “”life happens” for Matt Campbell as well and the same courtesties will be extended to you in the event I need to cancel or change an appointment.  

Schedule Appoinment with Matt Not Listed as Availalbe or "Different" than "Typical"

“Life Matters and Matt Campbell really does care!  He will do anything and everything possible for anyone and everyone that has the desire to improve on any and all levels….guaranteed!”  

If you have the desire to enjoy life to its fullest and (or) the desire to be the very best version of yourself that you can be…..learn from and surround yourself with the best.   The version of you on the outside is the direct result of what you consume to the inside.  What goes in is what comes out?  A concept much easier said than done, primarily relating to the ability to decipher who the “best” actually are in the first place?   The ability to learn from the best is the willingness of those determined to be the best to share their thoughts and things that they do making them the best.  (Example:  In golf Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus have proven to be the best that has every played the game of golf…..not a mystery?  The ability for you to surrond yourself with them, or learn from them has proven to be possible, but has also proven to be extemely difficult beacuase of that fame?)

Matt Campbell has been regarded by his fellow PGA Golf Professionals as one of the best promoters and leaders in the game of golf as a multiple award winner in the area of junior golf and player development.  Regarded as a leader in the golf industry and community recognized by every major golf association in some way, shape or form.  But most importantly, the impacts he has made as a coach and associated programs related to player and personal development on and off the course have proven to be the most successful quantified by the largest junior golf program (700 annual students) administered by any PGA Golf Professional at one facility in the history of the game itself.  

On Course Lessons – If you want to enjoy yourself on the golf course and have the best experiences possible while playing the game….spending time on the actual golf course with Matt Campbell is by far and away the best value of time spent for anyone having the desire to enjoy themselves and or improve on their current ability level.   The biggest or greatest “separator” that exists on any level for anything is “knowledge”.  Those with the most or best knowledge are able to make better decisions than those with lessor knowledge and as it relates to the measurement of success most often is attainted by individual making the best decisions.  In particular to the game of golf as it relates to the measurement of success relative to shooting the lowest score possible, every golf shot requires a decision of how to play each and every one and them.  More often than not, a player that has less talent physically than another player but has more knowledge will shoot a lower score based and the number of correct or proper decisions over the round played.   The game of golf as it relates to hitting a ball from the teeing ground into a hole in the least number of strokes possible is without question the primary “motive” by the majority the either play the game currently or have considered playing the game but for whatever reasons have not yet played?  The current or primary belief system that exists related to playing the game of golf by the majority of individuals is the enjoyment or motivation to play game relies primarily on the ability to shoot a reasonable score.  This is a “conditioned” belief that has been the result that has gone on since the beginning of the game itself that the game is so very difficult and complicated primarily by the teachers of the game resulting in significantly less players than the possibilities that exist.  The belief systems currently in place relating to the players currently playing but primarily to those that are not playing and the reasons why not are as follows:

  • Golf is way to hard
  • Playing the game takes way to long
  • The game of golf is primarily for the rich….it cost way to much to play

Matt Campbell has a mission to change many of those belief systems by providing opportunities that have never existed before in the golf industry.  The Matt Campbell Golf Academy will simplify the way the game of golf is taught and presented to any and all ability levels for any and all people that can be enjoyed.  

Schedule appointments with Matt that are earlier or later than the specificized time periods listed online and not shown as “busy” are times that are most likely available hours with no scheduled professional or personal appointments scheduled.  (On course lessons with Matt Campbell is by far and away the best use of anytime spent with him doing anything that relates to the ultimate enjoyment that can be experienced while playing on the golf  course.  

If you would like to schedule time with Matt that is not listed as available through the online reservation system does not necessarily mean that he is not available for other time periods not listed?  It means that you will need to contact Matt by any method listed other than through the online reservation system. The times listed are for a set number of hours in the set number of days that I will spend the majority of my time during each week